About Vertebrae

About Vertebrae

Vertebrae is a band from Seattle, WA. created in 1996. Currently, founding members, Multi-instrumentalist/vocalist Daniel H. (Still Falling, Ripley, MV and the Exterior, Miss Solar System, I-9) and Multimedia artist Nakisha have joined forces with Uber-Producer/Re-mix artist Rob Anonymous for a unique hybrid of the core songwriting team fused with Rob's eclectic programing and production prowess for a sound that permiates with breakbeats, acoustic guitars, heavy basslines, synthy swells, and various ultra-glitchy bits.

Sometimes an eclectic electronic ether, sometimes raw as pure emotion with a guitar-distorted hangover, Vertebrae defies Genre-of-the-month descriptions and creates music that speaks of lost moments, remembered loves and lonley drives into the hard pavement of a memory you just can't shake.......

Live shows and other surprise musical appearances are coming. Please check back soon and join the mailing list for updates on Vertebrae here:
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