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Unimaginable Statistics:
As many as 10 million unwanted dogs enter shelters each year. Only four out of every fifty dogs born will find homes that last their lifetime. 65%-85% of shelter dogs are euthanized each year. As many as 2.9 million dogs have been euthanized annually in recent years. Euthanasia is the #1 killer of companion animals in this country, simply because of overpopulation and unwanted animals. Rabbits are the 3rd most euthanized pets next to dogs and cats.

PLEASE- Spay or Neuter your pet and Adopt from Shelters!

Pet Finder
Georgia Peaches (Seattle)
Click this Link to feed a homeless animal for free !
International Fund For Animal Wellfare
Beagle Rescue (Seattle)
Seattle Purebred Dog Rescue
Save a Sato
House Rabbit Society
Best Friend's Animal Sanctuary
Care about whales? Start here.
Equal Rights-Human Rights
Paws/LA - helping people and their pets
No Kill NOW
Rabbit Haven Rabbit Rescue WA
The Farm Sanctuary
The Humane Society- Seattle
Save a Bunny
Zooh Corner Rabbit Rescue (CA)
Humane Society

My Artistic Friends

My cousin Edu (dutch site)
Daimian Lix - photographic portraits and art.
Geneve Hoffman-animal and people photographer

Art Resources

art directory and gallery, abstract art, art for sale, buy art

Pratt Fine Arts Center-Seattle
Fine Wood Artists
World Wide Art Resources
Internet Art Resources
The Internet Art Database

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