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The Illustrated Rabbit

Wire Birds and Other Animals

Little White Rabbit Bakes a Cake

Little White Rabbit and the Tricycle

The Rabbit Tarot Book

Books by Nakisha                      Comics by Nakisha

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The Illustrated Rabbit
A charming collection of over 90 watercolor paintings of rabbits by Nakisha.

Wire Birds and Other Animals
A photo book of recent wire sculptures by Nakisha. Often called three dimensional drawings, these sculptures are each made from a single continuous, unbroken strand of steel wire. Free standing and sometimes kinetic, each one is a unique work of art, presented to you in the artist's own words.

Little White Rabbit Bakes a Cake
Join in the fun with Little White Rabbit and his two rodent pals, Edo and Ida, as they bake a fabulous carrot cake together. This delightful book is sure to inspire young cooks in the kitchen, and encourages good practical lessons, such as washing hands, following directions and cleaning up. Included with this charming story is the recipe to create your very own carrot cake! Gather family and friends around and bake your own cake anytime you like.

Little White Rabbit and the Tricycle and Other Stories
This book is a collection of three charming children's stories featuring Little White Rabbit and friends, all illustrated with original drawings and paintings. "Little White Rabbit and the Tricycle"- a story about our bunny friend learning to ride a tricycle with help from other animals on the farm, "Little White Rabbit and The Crow"- a fable about the meaning of true friendship and "Little White Rabbit's Picnic"- where Little White Rabbit has to think quickly to help a mouse in danger.

The Rabbit Tarot - Second Edition
Over 78 colorful images of both the White Rabbit and the Dutch (black and white) Rabbit are depicted as the cards from the classic tarot deck. This is the Second Edition, with updated descriptions and images.

The Little White Rabbit A to Z
A new interpretation of the classic ABC books, this book is filled with original art, including charming pen and ink drawings of the little white rabbit and his friends.

"This book is a real treasure! The paintings are so cute, witty and fun, and all of the drawings on the backs of the pages make the book come alive. You will not be sad in any way if you purchase this! What a great way to teach my little girl her letters. Perfect and charming in every way."- JK

21 Rabbit Paintings
Discountinued/No Longer Available

101 Rabbits (mini book)
Discountinued/No Longer Available
101 mini paintings of rabbits, a Third place winner in the mini book contest.

The Mini Guide to the TaRat
Discountinued/No Longer Available
Basic descriptions and images of the TaRat (Rat Tarot).

LWR (little white rabbit)
SOLD OUT/No Longer Available
This 80 page book features the early paintings of the Little White Rabbit.

Other Publications and Writing by Nakisha-

Fine Wood Artists, Volumes One through Six

Nakisha's Comics.


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