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Nakisha's Rabbit Oracle

Nakisha's Rabbit Oracle, a 52 card deck of rabbit art created by Nakisha

From the creator of the Rabbit Tarot, Nakisha's Rabbit Oracle further explores the world of rabbits with 52 easy to read, friendly cards. They are printed in 3 sizes - Mini, Standard and Deluxe (tarot sized).

Free Downloads -
Rabbit Oracle - quick answers and suggested actions - 1 page .pdf
Rabbit Oracle - descriptions, quick anwsers and suggested actions  - 3 page .pdf

This deck was created to use alone, or with other tarot decks. They are designed for ease of use, with simple one word descriptions, short basic answers, and more detailed suggested actions. The cards are numbered for easy reference, and you can use them right away without the memorization or study involved with tarot decks.

When starting out, just ask a question and pull a card, then read the description. For more advanced users, you can draw one or more cards to read along with a tarot spread or to examine more complex questions. The prompts in the cards are designed to inspire insight and self reflection.

Drawing many cards is not recomemended, as eventually the messages may get contradictory. Start with one card and see where it goes! The "quick answer" makes for easy introduction and readability of the deck, with the "suggested action" expanding on the idea presented by the card. After becoming familiar with the cards, I encourage readers to find their own meanings in the imagery of the deck. Reversed (upside down) meanings are not included.

More can be found online on how to use oracle decks and tarot decks, find what works best for you!

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Mini Rabbit Oracle by Nakisha

This deck is intended for self reflection and examination and is for entertainment purposes only. There are no psychological, medical or other benefits, real or implied.



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